LLC focuses on a single question:

How should we value caregiving, teaching, and other human interactions??

Improving the way we provide health care must start with a better way of discovering what really matters to patients and families. What matters today. Right now. To real people. And what matters over time. Getting smarter in the way we educate our children means creating a better way of discovering what matters to students and their communities. Achieving the "proximal zone" for learning requires educators to identify both strengths and gaps in existing services and knowledge. In health and education and essentially all social services, each of us knows that we can do better yet we do not have the appropriate institutions and tools to reflect our individual values in collective action. The purpose of is to work with institutions and businesses to identify, test, and build the tools necessary to realize a smarter service economy.

Examples of Historical Projects

Helping create a new business model for investigative journalism that relies on a combination of community funding and revenue sharing with news publications.

Hesperian Foundation

Helping deliver critical healthcare information contained in publications such as "Where There Is No Doctor" via digital technologies and mobile phones.

Ricoh Innovations

Using web based technologies to create new services that address the needs of small and medium-size businesses to effectively process and communicate information regardless of whether it is printed on paper, stored on the web, or sent through mobile phones.

Related efforts

We help to start and to operate non-profits and social enterprises such as the UnaMesa Association and Chocolate Dividends in order to address specific unmet needs and opportunities in the services sector.